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Trunking Scanner Poll
 I threw together a quick survey to see what everybody owns, how they use their scanners, what features they want, and what they plan to purchase.
Sorry, there are no instant results but I will post daily results here.
Easier to Read BCD436/536HP Manual-Printed Manual Easier to Read PSR 800 - WS1080 - Pro 668 EZ-Scan/iScan Manual-Printed Manual
Sentinel BCD436/536HP Manual Easier to Read PSR 700/EZ-Scan Manual-Printed Manual 
Easier to Read HomePatrol-1/HP-2/Sentinel Manual-Printed Manual Easier to Read Pro 18/iScan Manual-Printed Manual 
Easier to Read BCD396XT/UBCD396XT Manual-Printed Manual Easier to Read Pro 107/iScan Manual-Printed Manual 
Easier to Read BCD996XT Manual-Printed Manual Easier to Read PSR 310/410 Manual-Printed Manual
Easier to Read BC346XT Manual-Printed Manual Easier to Read Pro 106/197/651/652 - PSR 500/600 - WS1040/65 Manual-Printed Manual
Easier to Read BCT-15X Manual-Printed Manual Easier to Read Pro 164/163/PSR 300/400 Manual-Printed Manual
Easier to Read BCD396T/UBCD396T Manual-Printed Manual Easier to Read Pro 97/2055 Manual-Printed Manual
Easier to Read BCD996T/UBCD996T Manual-Printed Manual Easier to Read Pro 93/95/2053 Manual
Easier to Read BCT-15 Manual Easier to Read Pro 94A/B Manual
Easier to Read BR330T Manual Easier to Read Pro 94 Manual
Easier to Read UBC800XLT Manual Easier to Read Pro 92/A/B/2067 Manual
Easier to Read UBC3500XLT Manual Easier to Read Pro 2052 Manual
Easier to Read BC246T Manual Extreme Worldwide Scanner Radio-Scanner manuals
Easier to Read SC230/USC230 Manual manufacturer then ManualsIcom Manuals-From Icom
Uniden Manuals-USA/Canadian models Icom Manuals-From
Uniden Manuals-European/Australian models AOR Manuals-And service/software manuals
Whistler Manuals-Scanners AOR Manuals-Discontinued models
Older Radio Shack Manuals-Before about 2005 Alinco Manuals-From Alinco
GRE Downloads-GRE manuals MVT-7100 Manual-By Rich Wells

Scanning Quick Reference Cards

BCD536HP Scanning Quick Reference Card-new BCD436HP Scanning Quick Reference Card-new
396XT/346XT Scanning Quick Reference Card BCT-15X Scanning Quick Reference Card
996XT Scanning Quick Reference Card  


My Uniden-Updates for Uniden scanners  
Uniden Wiki-Update files and instructions for Uniden scanners GRE Downloads
Trunking Info
Radio Reference Trunking Wiki Determining Base and Offset Frequencies
Trunked Radio System User's Page Determining Type I Fleetmaps
What is Trunking? Motorola Control Channel Only Trunking
Understanding Trunking MPT1327 Trunked Radio Systems
Reviews/Modifications Reviews
Monitoring Times-Click on MT Reviews Radio Reference-Reviews
Ukmidlandscanner-Review Page Yahoo Groups-Scanner Modifications
BCprogtool-for Mac/PC OS and allows POI,DRD,DXG editing Open Source-Radio Freeware
FreeSCAN-Freeware for Uniden models ProScan-for Uniden models Pro-92/93/95/96/97/99/PSR500/600 Free/Shareware Signal Intelligence Inc.
Butel Software  for all models PROgramit-Any Radio Interface
DMA Software Support-at Radio Reference Trunk Sniffer-MPT 1327 Trunking
bcTool-Freeware for Uniden models Unitrunker
ScanControl-for RS/Uniden models  
Scanners Online
DXzone Shoutcast Online Scanners
Broadcastify Yahoo Groups-Live Scanner Audio
Scanner Master-Uniden/RS/GRE scanner Ham Radio Outlet
Communications Electronics-Uniden scanners The Ham Station
Universal Radio-Click on Online Catalog then Scanners Radioscan
UnidenDirect Yaesu
Radio Shack-Scanners (and newer manuals) Alinco Electronics
Whistler-Scanners AOR U.S.A.
ICOM America, Inc Radioware
C.Crane Co. National Electronics
WiNRADiO Products Waters & Stanton PLC
Hustler Antennas Javiation
Laird Technologies-Antenex/Cushcraft Radios UK
Comet Antennas Bandercom
Diamond Antennas Durham Radio
RigPix Database  
Classified The Ham Station
Universal Radio Used & Demo Equipment  
Racing Electronics Yahoo Groups-racetrackfreqs National Radio Data
Racevision Jayski's
The Spectrum Monitor Scanning Reference-Click on Books or Magazines
National Communications Monitoring Times Reference Library
Scanning Laws
Todd Sherman's Scanner Laws  
ARRL Radio Reference Wiki
UKMidland Scanners RigReference
The DXZone Long Island Scanning Resources
SAME Codes- for the US Capitol Hill Monitors Scanner Radio Homepage

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December 20, 2014


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